Plans Books


For a year of life at UNT, I was involved in Ad Team (named Gravitas, nicknamed Tavigras), and I studied Snapple like it was a conspiracy theory. As an account planner, I moderated focus groups, wrote and launched online surveys, presented my research findings to the creative team and more.

Once the campaign was finished, I played a large role in completing the plans book. I wrote the first draft, set up the structure of the book, edited the book and edited the book and edited the book. There was a team of four people who wrote the plans book in the end. We each took turns writing a paragraph, and the rest of us would rip it apart like hyenas rip apart a wildebeest.

This is the final product.

My flesh and blood.

Tai Pei


I wasn’t technically on Ad Team when Tai Pei was the client. However, I was asked by the Strategy Director to write a portion of the plans book about the audience (page 3), which was later used in the speech, the pitch to the client.

Check it out here.

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