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eris & eros

A Collection of Pieces from “Trailer Trash”

Poems: Red Light; Lessons on Womanhood; We Play Detective, Not Doctor

Today we find it:

a pair of little girl’s

panties — hanging

on a branch in the woods.

Excerpt from “We Play Detective, Not Doctor”

These pieces are part of a collection I’m writing called Trailer Trash. They’re about growing up in extreme poverty with a single mom with mental illness. When I write about my past, it’s important for me to go back there and write from that place instead of from this present, all-knowing-narrator voice. That’s why all three poems are written from the perspective of a child — I was a child when these things happened to me.

Flash Flood

Black Snow

Short Story

They took you away this morning, meine liebe, my love. They said you were too sick to work, unfit, unessential. And I didn’t know at the time. I didn’t know where they would take you or what they would do to you, but I knew you would not come back.

Forthcoming Works

  • “Red” in Door Is A Jar, Spring 2021
  • “Blind Light” in Cathexis Northwest Press, Spring 2021
  • “Rewind” in Button Eye Press, Spring or Summer 2021

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