Blogs + Articles

Achievement Center of Texas

6 Sensory Arts and Crafts Projects for children with Autism
Special Needs Parenting with Pride: An Interview with the Founder of the One in a Million Baby
Further Education for Adults with Special Needs: An Interview with the Executive Director of My Possibilities
Employment Opportunities for Adults with Special Needs: An Interview with the Founder of Hugs Cafe

Embracing the Spectrum

I wrote this as a guest post, representing Achievement Center of Texas.

Autism Playdate: Activities for Kids with Autism that Other Kids will Love too


These blogs were written under the name of the CEO and co-founder of LeadAmigo, Jake Lambert. (I was Jake’s only employee for some time.)

9 Competitor Research Tips that Improve Your Water Restoration Marketing
Phone Etiquette Tips to Get More Water Damage Restoration Jobs
67 Negative Keywords for Water Damage Companies
PPC Tips for Your Damage Restoration Company
9 Proven Tactics for Getting More Water Damage Leads
10 Marketing Tools We Use To Get You More Flood Jobs


How to Improve Your Google Ranking


Seeds: Wacky Little Things I Learned in Gardening that Helped Me Grow My PPC Campaign


This is by far one of my most interesting clients – they’re a Men’s Health product, and writing for them made me feel alive. Their website isn’t finished yet, but once it is, be sure to look for posts with these names:

  • Are Untucked Shirts Appropriate for Work?
  • How to Become a Bartender: The College Guy’s Guide
  • How to Shave Your Balls Easily and Safely
  • Should You Rock a Men’s Pea Coat This Winter?
  • Stylists Say These Are the 5 Best Hair Trimmers for Men
  • The 5 Best Wallets for Men (Depending on Your Style)
  • What to Look for in the Best Dandruff Shampoo
  • 7 of the Best Safety Razors

Pacifica Pharmacy

3 Ways Compounding Can Help with Weight Loss
3 Benefits of Using Compounding for Hormone Therapy

Armand’s Discount

Upgrade Your Backyard with an Outdoor Pizza Oven
3 Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Fireplace
Increase the Value of Your Backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen

Jeffrey Bernard (Insurance Broker)

Planning a Family? 4 Insurance Questions You Should Be Asking

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